The tire track rug Dakar reminds of the famous Dakar Rally, the desert race, which went originally from Paris to Dakar. The light colored carpet resembles the sand of the desert where the speeding cars left their tracks.
The tire track lines can be found in the sand long time after the event, they tell the story of the adventurous and fast race.
The tracks captured in the carpet should satisfy the beholders’ thirsts for speed and action at their homes that are potentially far away from the desert.
Dakar is a continuation of Ophelia’s work with the Dakar Rally, her interest in the need for speed and the pop-cultural power of the automobile.
Often romanticized, the event offers the harsh physical realities of a race, in a scene that also exude a furiously submerged eroticism, where cars are fetish objects – a place of female and male bonding, in their finite habitat – the petrol car will become extinct.
The riders struggle together, have their secret handshakes, face death together, and celebrate the longing for nonconformism.

Dakar is handknotted from 100% Tibetan Wool and the motif is handcarved into the surface.

Craftsmanship: Handknotted wool with handcarving
Knot count: 100 knot
Technique: Cut pile & Carving

Responsible Trading
Made in Nepal

The drawing comes in an edition of 8 + 2APs.
Signed and numbered by the artist on a label affixed to the back of the rug.
1.83 x 1.22m
Made to Order: 16–22 weeks
2.29 x 1.52m
Made to Order: 16–22 weeks
2.74 x 1.83m
Made to Order: 16–22 weeks

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